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The sixth and concluding session of Youth Parliament Pakistan 2007 is planned to be held from Wednesday December 05 to Sunday December 09, 2007 at the Hotel Best Western, Islamabad. Following is the Agenda to be taken up by the House at the sixth session.


Given the importance of the upcoming general election in the country and the significance of the first-ever Youth Parliament to leave a legacy for the coming Youth Parliaments terms the agenda of the sixth session will include developing and approving a Youth Manifesto-2007-2008 as its major activity. The proposed Manifesto would basically spell out the stand of the Youth Parliament on various key issues facing Pakistani Youth today. It is planned to circulate the Youth Manifesto 2007-2008 among various political parties in Pakistan for including in their Election Manifesto and ultimately in their policy frameworks. The Youth Manifesto as a major policy document reflecting the concerns of youth in Pakistan will be printed and widely disseminated is anticipated to become a major media attraction.

The following topics of debate will also be taken up at the sixth session of Youth Parliament Pakistan:

  1. Vision for Pakistan
  2. Challenges to Eradicating Bonded Labour in Pakistan

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