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  Business Advisory Committee  

The Speaker in consultation with the Leader of the House and Leader of Opposition nominated the Business Advisory Committee-BAC consisting of nine members including the Youth Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, General Secretaries and party whips of the two parties in the House, the Secretary of the Youth Parliament and the Speaker who shall be Chairman of the Committee. The BAC takes up matters related to the conduct of business in the House such as time allocated for the discussion on various motions; the proposed time table, the different hours at which the various stages of the Bill or other business shall be completed; topics for debate; calendar of sessions; and other functions as may be assigned to it by the Speaker from time to time.

  The following are the Members of the Business Advisory Committee:  
  Mr. Basil Nabi Malik
PM; Leader of the Blue Party
  Ms. Mehvish Muneera Ismail
Deputy Speaker
  Mr. Hammad Khan Marri
General Secretary, Blue Party
  Ms. Khadija Malik Hassan
Blue Party
  Ms. Mariam Raza Zaidi
Leader of the Opposition
  Mr. Abdul Ghaffar
Chief Whip Green Party
  Mr. Muhammad Nawaz
General Secretary Green Party

Secretary of the Youth Parliament, Pakistan  

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