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  Standing Committees  
  List of Members of Youth Standing Committees of Youth Parliament Pakistan 2007  

Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs & Defence
Chairperson: Khawaja Zeeshan Mujtaba (Blue Party)

  No. Constituency Name Party Gender Province  


Khawaja Hamid Mushtaq



Azad Kashmir

  2 YP03-BALOCHISTAN02 Liaqat Ali Shahwani Blue Male Balochistan  
  3 YP07-ICT02 Mariam Raza Zaidi Green Female ICT  
  4 YP08-ICT03 Mustafa Hyder Sayed Blue Male ICT  
  5 YP15-NWFP04 Ommar Hayat Abbasi  Green Male NWFP  
  6 YP17-NWFP06 Sidra Tariq Green Female NWFP  
  7 YP29-PUNJAB11 Jawdat Bilal Green Male Punjab  
  8 YP30-PUNJAB12 Khadija Malik Hassan Blue Female Punjab  
  9 YP31-PUNJAB13 Khawaja Zeeshan Mujtaba Blue Male Punjab  
  10 Ex-officio Member Minister-in-Charge Foreign Affairs & Defence        


Standing Committee on Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs
Chairperson:Akhtar Muhammad Shah(Green Party)


  No. Constituency Name Party Gender Province  


Yawar  Abbas

Blue Male


  2 YP16-NWFP05 Rafi Ullah Khan Green Male NWFP  
  3 YP18-NWFP07 Tariq Salam Blue Male NWFP  
  4 YP28-PUNJAB10 Jawad Abbas Green Male Punjab  
  5 YP36-PUNJAB18 Muhammad Nazeef Blue Male Punjab  
  6 YP43-PUNJAB25 Saima Usman Green Female Punjab  
  7 YP45-PUNJAB27 Syeda Afshan Batool Zaidi Blue Female Punjab  
  8 YP48-SINDH01 Afshan Laeeque Khan Green Female Sindh  
  9 YP49-SINDH02 Akhtar Muhammad Shah Green Male Sindh  
  10 Ex-officio Member Minister-in-Charge  Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs        


Standing Committee on Standing Committee on Education, Health and Environment
Chairperson: Safwan Ullah Khan (GreenParty)


  No. Constituency Name Party Gender Province  


Kamran Khan Kakar

Green Male


  2 YP04-BALOCHISTAN03 Qasim Khan Badini Blue Male Balochistan  
  3 YP13-NWFP02 Muhammad Nawaz Green Male NWFP  
  4 YP23-PUNJAB05 Hammad  Kabir Blue Male Punjab  
  5 YP26-PUNJAB08 Iftikhar Mubarik Blue Male Punjab  
  6 YP35-PUNJAB17 Muhammad Imran Khan Green Male Punjab  
  7 YP37-PUNJAB19 Muhammad Rashid Green Male Punjab  
  8 YP41-PUNJAB23 Safwan Ullah Khan Green Male Punjab  
  9 YP53-SINDH06 Hamad Khan Marri Blue Male Sindh  
  10 YP59-SINDH12 Sana Toaha Faridi Blue Female Sindh  
  11 Ex-officio Member Minister-in-Charge  Education, Health and Environment        


Standing Committee on Finance, Planning Affairs & Economics
Chairperson: Qaisar Mahmood Gondal (Green Party)


  No. Constituency Name Party Gender Province  


Afzal Khan Shinwari

Blue Male NWFP  
  2 YP21-PUNJAB03 Arif Mahmood Chaudhary Blue Male Punjab  
  3 YP24-PUNJAB06 Hina Anwar Ali Green Female Punjab  
  4 YP25-PUNJAB07 Hummayun Javed Blue Male Punjab  
  5 YP39-PUNJAB21 Marriam Mahmood Mughal Blue Female Punjab  
  6 YP33-PUNJAB15 Mohibi Hussain Blue Female Punjab  
  7 YP34-PUNJAB16 Muhammad  Anwar ul Haq Blue Male Punjab  
  8 YP40-PUNJAB22 Qaisar Mahmood Gondal Green Male Punjab  
  9 Ex-officio Member Minister-in-Charge  Finance, Planning Affairs, Economics        

Standing Committee on Information
Chairperson: Qurat ul Ain Marri (Blue Party)

  No. Constituency Name Party Gender Province  


Osama Azeem Chaudhary

Blue Male ICT  
  2 YP20-PUNJAB02 Ajmal Shah Din Green Male Punjab  
  3 YP22-PUNJAB04 Ashir Azeem Blue Male Punjab  
  4 YP42-PUNJAB24 Saif Ullah Khan Green Male Punjab  
  5 YP47-PUNJAB29 Wajiha Zia Green Female Punjab  
  6 YP51-SINDH04 Faik Ali Chachar Blue Male Sindh  
  7 YP55-SINDH08 Mir Ghulam Murtaza Noorani Blue Male Sindh  
  8 YP56-SINDH09 Qurat ul Ain Marri Blue Female Sindh  
  9 Ex-officio Member Minister-in-Charge Information        


Standing Committee on Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights
Chairperson: Syed Ali (Blue Party)


  No. Constituency Name Party Gender Province  


Syed Ali

Blue Male

Northern Areas

  2 YP19-PUNJAB01 Abdul Ghaffar Green Male Punjab  
  3 YP32-PUNJAB14 Madiha Tallat Blue Female Punjab  
  4 YP38-PUNJAB20 Muhammad Zia Khan Blue Male Punjab  
  5 YP46-PUNJAB28 Umair Javed Blue Male Punjab  
  6 YP50-SINDH03 Basil Nabi Malik Blue Male Sindh  
  7 YP52-SINDH05 Farooq Shah   Green Male Sindh  
  8 YP54-SINDH07 Mehvish Muneera Ismail Blue Female Sindh  
  9 YP58-SINDH11 Saira  Soomro Green Female Sindh  
  10 Ex-officio Member

Minister-in-Charge Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights


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